Pricing for Junk Hauling

With Junk One, our services are easy and affordable with no hidden costs. We always provide clear, up front pricing.

Junk Hauling Rates

When we haul your standard junk away, you only pay for the portion of our truck that your junk takes up – and our truck is BIG! In fact, the bed is 24 yards, larger than that of other junk removal companies in the Las Vegas & Henderson, NV. area. While comparing prices, be sure to ask how many yards you get for the price. Junk that is subject to these rates includes a typical garage clean-out, light furniture, and small appliances.

1/4 truck (6 yards) – $225.00

1/2 truck (12 yards) – $350.00

3/4 truck (18 yards) – $400.00

Full truck (24 yards) – $525.00

Inert materials are substances that require extra handling. The price for removal of inert materials will be furnished upon review of the job. They include things like: dirt, sand, concrete, asphalt, caliches, cinder blocks, masonry, stucco, plaster and clay products (including clay roof tiles). Just call for pricing!

Appliances and Furniture

You may occasionally have items that are very heavy or require extra labor such as very large appliances or furniture. These are priced on a case by case basis. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to review the details of the job and provide a price

Spa Removal

We are happy to save you a ton of time and effort by removing your old spa or hot tub. Since the conditions surrounding spa removals vary greatly based on the size and position of the spa, please call us and tell us what will be involved. We’ll give you a quote over the phone and schedule the job. This goes for other jobs requiring additional labor as well.

Single Item Pickup

We also offer a special deal on single item pickups. $69.00 is all you’ll pay, and setting up the removal couldn’t be easier. *Some restrictions apply – call us for details* Simply call us, provide your payment information, and leave your item at the curb. Our trained employees will take care of it from there. You don’t even have to be home! One call and it’s gone.

Contact us through this website today or call 1-844-JUNK ONE (1-844-586-5663), or locally at 702-852-2393.

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844 Junk One is Fully Licensed and Insured

Our Las Vegas and Henderson junk removers and haulers completely guarantee to go onto your property to get and evacuate your undesirable things. When you call 844 Junk One, you can feel certain that our employees and your property are fully insured.