Refrigerator Hauling and Removal in Las Vegas

If you are in need of easy refrigerator disposal and recycling in Las Vegas, look no further. Junk One has the service you need, done right. Appliances break down – it’s an unavoidable fact of life. Also, sometimes you just need an upgrade. Maybe you want a larger refrigerator or one with the latest sensors and convenient features, but getting rid of your old one can be a hassle.

Don’t Throw Your Back Out!

Refrigerators are huge and are among the heaviest appliances. Struggling to move one by yourself is absolutely impossible, even for the beefiest guys. Even if you have a friend to help, both of you are likely to end up with smashed toes or fingers, sore knees, or a messed up back. The idea is to throw the refrigerator out, not your back!

Also, you only get so many favors from family and friends, even the best of friends. Asking for help to haul a refrigerator will certainly eat up your points quickly. You don’t want to be known as the person who risks injury to their friends to move the heaviest appliance possible when there’s a better alternative.

Don’t Smash Your House!

Even if you have a group of friends to help you lift the fridge, you’re likely to do some damage to your home in the process. Moving something as massive and heavy as a refrigerator is bound to leave some serious dents in your walls, bashed doorframes, or torn flooring. If you’re a renter, you are risking your security deposit by moving large items yourself.

Residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, and Boulder City can avoid back aches and headaches by using the professionals at Junk One to dispose of their refrigerators. We are experienced and careful to avoid damaging your property. So prevent injury to yourself, your home, and your friends by going the professional route.

Environmental Issues

Getting rid of a refrigerator isn’t as simple as throwing out a sofa or table. Refrigerators contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment and can contaminate groundwater. Also, refrigerator disposal and recycling in Las Vegas must be done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws to avoid hefty fines and other punishments.

The simple solution is to leave it to the professionals. Junk One takes all the responsibility away from you when we recycle your fridge. We follow all applicable guidelines and help safeguard the environment by recycling your old fridge in a safe, proper manner.

The Best Junk Removal in Las Vegas

Doing your own refrigerator disposal and recycling in Las Vegas is simply not cost efficient. Even without the cost of injuries, liability, home damage and repair, and lost security deposits, you will have to cover environmental fees, transportation costs, and landfill fees. It all quickly adds up and increases the total price of your new refrigerator or freezer.

By going with the professionals at Junk One, you eliminate your liabilities, avoid the hassle of rounding up friends and family to help you, and prevent injury. You don’t even have to haul the fridge to the curb. We take care of everything! Naturally, this includes expert padding and handling to prevent damage to your home as well as safe, environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal.

Simply call Junk One at the number below and we will book your appointment for professional, polite, and comprehensive service. Don’t take chances when moving such a large appliance – give yourself peace of mind by letting the professionals handle your refrigerator disposal and recycling in Las Vegas.

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