TV Disposal & Recycling in Las Vegas

You haven’t used that old TV in years. It’s been sitting in your basement for ages, and now that you’re staring at its rounded glass screen, you can only see the dust that has accumulated on it. You know you shouldn’t just throw it away in the trash. It’s important to know who you can call so they can take care of it. The service of TV disposal and recycling in Las Vegas is available upon request with Junk One.

Getting rid of a big, old, heavy, and possibly broken TV by yourself can be dangerous and time consuming. You want to keep your house clean, organized, and clear from broken appliances. Call Junk One if you are in Henderson, Boulder City, or elsewhere in the Las Vegas area, and we will take care of your old TV’s.

The Age of Digital Television

In this age of ever-evolving televisions, you won’t see those old tube TVs in any store but an antique shop or a thrift store. They were great back in the day, but now, people want the most up-to-date, modern televisions. Sports fans want their football and basketball games in vibrant HD, and movie and tv buffs want to see their actors and actresses clear and bright.

Your old, bulky, heavy television was replaced years ago, but you probably never got rid of it. You haven’t checked to see if it even works in years, but you’re still letting it take up valuable square footage in your home.

But old tube televisions aren’t the only TVs that you need to purge. At this point, many early adopters of television technology are on their third, fourth, or fifth flat screen, HD TV. Even if your first flat screens still work, you’re running out of rooms to place them in. If that plasma screen that was the envy of all your friends years ago is being pushed out of the smallest bedroom, it’s probably time to discard it.

Moving Broken Appliances

Maybe you’ve known you need to throw out that old TV for a while, but it’s still sitting there. Maybe it’s because it’s so humongous, you just couldn’t get it down the stairs, let alone pick it up and put it in the trunk of the car to drop it off in a dumpster.

How to Properly Dispose of TVs

Picture tubes from old TV sets contain several pounds of lead and cadmium, which are toxic. There are many potential health and pollution hazards related to incorrect disposal of old TVs. Besides the risk of straining your back, lead poisoning is not something to be taken lightly.

Save yourself a visit to the doctor, and avoid getting all those toxic components in the TV from seeping into underground water systems. There is a right and a wrong way for a disposal process that needs to followed to recycle TV’s in Las Vegas or Boulder City. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about it, since we will do it the right way.

Leave It to The Pros

Junk One ensures that your TV set is disposed of properly. We do the hard work for you. You don’t have to worry about carrying that huge thing out of your house.
We’ll take care of avoiding the harmful effects to the environment and to your spine.

Reliable TV Disposal and Recycling in Las Vegas

If you’re in the area, call (1-844-586-5663) for any of your junk removal needs. Stop worrying about finding out the best way to haul objects out of your life.